Guru Ameen offers three coaching products.

Genome-optimized full coaching package:

Guru Ameen’s entirely bespoke custom coaching package covering health, longevity, and performance for a yearly rate of $5900. Because of the intense level of interaction and energy, he puts into each client, Guru Ameen only offers this package for a minimum of a full year – which is the time period he believes is required to see major changes in the human physiology. With an initial down payment of $1900, clients can finance the remaining balance over the year. 

This coaching package comes with all the bells and whistles:

  • Full genome sequencing and analysis, including:

    • Overview of your most health-concerning genetic markers, including a list of diseases you are more likely to encounter in your life than the average person. Guru Ameen will modify your program to account for this risk.

    • Analysis of your type 1 to type 2 muscle fiber ratio and your IGF-1 capacity, both genetically-predetermined. This analysis will impact the strategy for your physical performance plan.

    • Analysis of your genetics for insulin resistance. This will affect both your diet and supplementation programs.

    • Analysis of your epigenome – research the booming field of epigenetics to know more about how critical this is.

    • Analysis of your likelihood to suffer depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder, as well as analysis of the rate of reuptake of neurotransmitters in your brain. This will ground your mental performance package.

  • Bimonthly bloodwork analysis, paying particular attention to your kidney and liver health. 

  • Yearly organ fMRI and ultrasound analysis. 

  • A custom-tailored mental performance package, designed according to your genetics and life experiences, utilizing the most cutting-edge protocols to improve dopamine sensitivity and serotonin presence in the brain, while limiting epinephrine and norepinephrine signals.

  • A custom-tailored physical performance package, optimized for your genetics and physical performance goals.

  • A custom-tailored longevity program that works on all three known pathways to increase human healthspan.

  • 1-hour initial phone interview, biweekly 20-minute phone check-ins, and unlimited texting. 

  • Clients are given a discount code for additional phonecalls.

Mental performance package

 (NEW!): Guru Ameen offers his mental performance package as a stand-alone product. This program is geared towards those who want to improve their IQ, memory, and cognitive capacity, as well as those with anxiety, depression, and substance abuse issues. This program is offered on a month to month basis, with the first month costing only $590 and subsequent months costing $390.  

  • 1-hour initial interview.

  • Analysis of your genome for genetic variants that influence cognitive capacity, including the rate of reuptake of neurotransmitters, epigenetic damage that can influence cognitive function, and mental health risks.

  • A custom-tailored supplement program to optimize your dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine, and norepinephrine levels.

  • Daily email correspondence. 

Basic coaching package

 (NEW!): Guru Ameen receives emails almost every day from people who desire to be clients, but simply cannot afford Ameen’s full coaching package. To remedy this, we are pleased to offer a new, basic program on a month-to-month basis. The first month costs only $590 while subsequent months continue at a discounted rate of $390. The program will begin with a 1-hour in-depth interview with Guru Ameen, after which Ameen will communicate with you regularly through email. Once a month, there will be a 30-minute phone call to review your progress and tweak your program. 

The basic program includes:

  • 1-hour in-depth interview.

  • 1 30-minute phone call to review progress and modify the program monthly.

  • Daily email availability.

  • Clients are given a discount code for additional phone calls.

  • Custom-tailored performance program geared towards athletics, hypertrophy, or fat loss. The program includes a comprehensive nutrition and supplementation program. 

The differences between the basic program and the full program are:

  • No genetic testing, analysis, or genetically tailored programming.

  • No regular bloodwork analysis.

  • No fMRI or ultrasound analysis.

  • No mental performance coaching.

  • No longevity coaching.





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