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Ameen Alai is one of a handful of coaches that is said to have revolutionized the sport of bodybuilding. Guru Ameen entered the sport with a fervor as a teenager in the early nineties, as a pure ectomorph and  astoundingly low proportion of fast-twitch muscle fibers.  He realized early on that if he was to have a competitive advantage, it would have to be from his mind. He quickly began doing what no other bodybuilder had done since the legendary Dan Duchaine; he dedicated himself to consuming peer-reviewed academic papers to learn how to transform himself, and his brother Adin, into veritable monsters.


Ameen discovered that while anabolic steroids could cause muscular hypertrophy, the limiting factor was that they could not cause hyperplasia. However, he also learned that when human growth hormone was combined with insulin, the resulting IGF-1 pulse and consequent effect on mTOR could provide as much value to a bodybuilder’s physique as his anabolic steroid regimen.

Innovating the use of human growth hormone in combination with insulin, was a momentous event for both Ameen and the bodybuilding industry.  



Guru Ameen’s clients come from a diverse range of backgrounds and needs. They include competitive bodybuilders, strength athletes, or people who are looking to lose weight and start a healthier lifestyle. If you have the desire to improve your physical performance while prioritizing your health and longevity  Learn more about working with Ameen. 

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