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Guru Ameen


Custom-tailored performance programs geared towards athletics, hypertrophy, or fat loss. The program includes a customized nutrition and supplementation program


For those who have particular questions regarding nutrition, supplementation, performance, or sustainable gains, Guru Ameen is available to consult over the phone. Click here to learn more about consulting packages. 




Ameen, " The Mad Scientist " Alai,  has been perfecting the science of  achieving the 90’s era look of bodybuilding for over 20 years.​ Today that look is known as Classic Men’s Physique.  This look is a  symmetrically proportionate lean healthy muscular physique, while simultaneously having a full and dry appearance.

Ameen started bodybuilding at the age of 15 and quickly accelerated towards competition within 2 years.

Ameen's first competition at age 17, was Mr. Metro Bodybuilding. He won several awards,  including most Muscular in the Teen Division and Best Poser. He then crossed over into the Adult class,  wining the Short division (only 1 point shy of wining that division). ​In his competitive career, Ameen has taken first place 5 times out of 7 shows. ​ Ameen started coaching at the early age of 18.  client being his older brother, Adin Alai, beating the young King Kamail at the AAU Teenage Mr. D.C. bodybuilding competition in 1990. Ameen went on to compete and win both Novice and open lightweight division in the 92 D.C. Grand Prix at the age of 19, making him the youngest nationally qualified bodybuilder in the history of the D.C. and the surrounding states of Virginia and Maryland at the time.


Many people seemed his knowledge and he began advising people such as Don Long, Craig Titus, Toney Freeman, John Meadows, political consultant Roger Stone, and Dr. Tony Huge.


He has appeared in several magazines articles including Flex, Muscular Development and Men’s Health. Ameen co-wrote an article in Flex magazine on the “window system”, describing the use of carbohydrates to create optimal timing for amino acids to be absorbed into the cell. Ameen is a pioneer in the use of PED’s, being one of the first to research the use of HGH and Insulin in the application of bodybuilding.


Ameen gets constant feedback from his clients to ensure that their results are both superior and unique to other clients. In other words, your specific needs are addressed and tailored to you. The program is customized to what your body requires and does not conform you to anything that is not suitable for you.

Pioneering the use of human growth hormone in combination with insulin was a momentous event for both Ameen and bodybuilding, as evidenced by the dramatic transformation in the physiques of IFBB pros in the 1990’s. Along the way, Guru Ameen coached some of the top pro bodybuilders in the world, including Craig Titus, King Kamali, Don Long, and many others. The best way people could explain Ameen’s results, the bodybuilding community dubbed him ‘the Mad Scientist.

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